Help Domestic Harmony Foundation Relocate

Fire! Help Domestic Harmony Foundation Relocate!

Dear Supporters and Public at Large,

A destructive fire in the building that hosts Domestic Harmony Foundation (DHF) last week on February 12th, led to the complete shut-down of the space where our office was located on Long Island, NY.  Although, thankfully there are no casualties, the space allowed us an affordable one room office to provide cultural & linguistic-specific services as the only domestic violence organization for South Asian, Middle Eastern and Muslim communities in the area.

It is critical that our free and confidential counseling & support services continue without interruption to ensure that survivors and their children are being connected to safety resources and their emotional and psychological needs are being met.

It is unacceptable and horrific that we begin another new year with a series of fatal incidents due to domestic violence!  If only ANKITA VERMA who was stabbed to death by her husband in Baltimore on 1/11/19, FATIMA JAWAD who was stabbed to death by her husband in Queens on 1/15/19, JENNIFER IRIGOYEN – 5 months pregnant, who was stabbed to death by her boyfriend in Queens on 2/3/19 and SHANTI NAKIREKANTI who was shot and killed by her husband in Texas on 2/19/19 all had support to break the silence and achieve safety before it was too late?!!

The fear of stigma, especially in South Asian communities, leave scores of domestic violence cases going unreported, under reported and unaddressed, leaving women in abusive relationships to fend for themselves.  Organizations like DHF help to break this cycle of violence.

How DHF Services Empower Clients toward Healing & Self Sufficiency: 

• Free & Confidential HELPLINE
• Crisis Intervention & Management
• Professional Counseling & Support Groups
• Assistance with Safety Planning, Orders of Protection, Police Reports, Public Benefits, Legal Rights
• Training, education & workshops on Domestic Violence & Cultural Competency
• Referrals to legal services & advocacy
• Financial and material assistance based on individual and family needs
• Fostering a sense of community and support – holiday celebrations for clients & children

Core Events Promoting Awareness, Education, Outreach & Prevention:

• Annual Summer Youth Leadership Program (SYLP)
• Annual Walkathon to End Domestic Violence
• Interfaith Clergy/Community Forum Trainings
• Film Screenings & Discussion/Q&A
• Annual Gala Luncheon

Direct Financial Assistance Provided to Clients to meet their Unmet Needs:

• Housing Relocation/Rental Assistance/Moving Expenses
• Driving Lessons/Down payment for a car
• Public/private Transportation costs to DHF counseling & support group sessions
• Emergency Medical/Dental Needs/Eye Exam & Eyeglasses
• Utility/Bill payments
• Clothing, Infant/Baby items, Food
• Portion of Immigration Fees: Green Card/U-Visa Applications
• Childcare while clients access DHF services
• Emergency cash assistance
• Vocational- fees for exams/trainings
• High School aged client children- Advanced Placement (AP) exam fees
• Cost for Professional Clinical Supervision Services for Mental Health Clinician/Counselor

As DHF does not receive county, state or federal funding, we request your immediate and generous financial assistance to RELOCATE to an alternate office location as soon as possible.  DHF is currently retrieving all items from its original premises and is in the process of setting up operations at a new location.  Our clients and their children are heartbroken at the shutdown of the space that they consider as a second home giving them much needed peace and solace.  As soon as today, please help DHF create a new home so we may continue empowering families to rebuild their lives with hope and resilience.

Before the end of this campaign on March 31, 2019, each one of you can make a difference by donating right now!  No contribution is ever too small.

There are three ways to donate:

1. Click on our GO FUND ME page:


2. Click Donate Now on this website.


3. Please mail a check to:

Domestic Harmony Foundation,

P.O. Box 35,

Syosset, NY 11791

DHF is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.


On behalf of the DHF Team, we thank you for your support & partnership at this challenging time.