2015 Survivor Story 1

“Domestic violence is a deeply rooted problem in many communities especially within our own communities. Although domestic violence isn’t a topic people of our community speak much about publicly, we all as a nation, at some point in our lives have been the victim of it or have seen it by seeing a member of family being abused by another family member. Family violence or domestic violence is recognized as a serious problem unanimously but it is majorly recognized as a severe problem at the expense of the lives of women and children.

As I, myself have been at the other end of the gamut, from being abused physically, mentally, emotionally and financially, , by being cheated on, lied to, manipulated and abused in every way possible. I was able to come out of it regardless of fear hopelessness, scared of the thought ‘If I can do this by myself?’ scared that now I will be considered ‘damaged goods’ by society. To now tackling this problem head on, by doing all that has to be done, in order to come out of it completely, and by doing so the right way. Along with the help of lovely strangers who became my dear friends from Domestic Harmony Foundation, with the help of Masjid Darul Quran, and also with the help of this amazing nation we live in, which has provided me with immense help into getting back onto my own feet, to now being able to help others who are on the same situation, as I once was not too long ago.

I am immensely passionate about the cause and effect of domestic violence, as well as women empowerment, as I have a daughter of my own. Today I have nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be ashamed of. Today I thank my abuser for making me stronger than I thought I could ever be. I thank him for making me be fearless and not surrender to abuse. Today I stand for all the women and children that have been victims of domestic violence, today I stand for my daughter, today I say: ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

I am ALREADY HONORED to have Miss Bangladesh USA, give me the opportunity, to be one of the contestants regardless of my age, status of being a young married woman (separated), and a mother of a beautiful girl. I feel as though, through this opportunity, we as a whole can shape the mindset of our culture and society, where a woman is still accepted even if she’s not a ‘cookie cutter perfect’, perfectly unmarried to be considered the only ‘type’ of women to empower others in their struggles.

Through this opportunity, we can learn to value women who have experienced hardships of life at a young age, and give strong, talented, educated, intelligent, beautiful women the chance to change the standards of what societies consider pageants are like or should be.

I would be HONORED to be the first title holder of Miss Bangladesh USA, in order to give a platform to my fight against domestic violence, the spotlight it deserves in our society today.”