2013 Events


Domestic Harmony Foundation (DHF) held an Eid Celebration Party on August 14, 2013. The party was held in Hicksville, NY. Women and children dressed in their finest holiday attire came to celebrate with food, drinks, henna tattoos and dancing. The night had games and prizes for all, including musical chairs, charades, and Simon Says. For four hours, everyone left their worries at home and socialized and had a good time with friends. At the end of the night, guests gathered their belongings, thanked the board members and staff of DHF and headed home.


Members of Domestic Harmony Foundation attended Manavi’s 5th Aarohan “Rise Up” against Domestic Violence conference from Aug 23 – Aug 25 2013, at Hyatt Regency New Brunswick New Jersey. The purpose of this national conference was to come together and share the new struggles, challenges and achievements in order to serve our communities better.

India day parade

The Domestic Harmony Foundation walked in the annual India Day Parade on Sunday, August 11, 2013.  Hundreds of people from Indian and Pakistani decent came to celebrate the country’s Independence Day.  There was food, floats, and representatives from a variety of different organizations.  DHF’s Fatima Naseem, Haseena Mooppan, Shagufta Siddiqi and Kanchan Rajpal walked in stride, holding the foundation’s banner and handing out pamphlets explaining its mission.  At 1:00, the parade started going down Ludy Street, turning into South Broadway.  Music was being played and participants waved into the streets, beaming with patriotic pride.  The march came to an end at Gurdwana Guru Nanak Darbar of Long Island.


Kudos to Dr. Margaret Abraham, Professor of Sociology at Hofstra University who received the Feminist Activism Award from Sociologists for Women in Society!

Dr. Abraham is a lifelong researcher and an activist on the issue of domestic violence in the South Asian-American community and a strong ally of Domestic Harmony Foundation in our fight against domestic violence. She is the author of famous book “Speaking the Unspeakable” that talks about marital violence among South Asian communities. Margaret first used the word South Asian Women organization (SAWO), which is widely used these days. She emphasized that South Asian organizations play a pivotal role in helping the victims escape abusive relationships.


Domestic Harmony Foundation participated in the special lighting ceremony “Shine the Light on Domestic Violence” at Duffy Square, NYC. Despite the rainy and windy weather, advocates, activists and members of not-for-profit organizations from all over NYC and Long Island were there to stand firm against domestic violence. Domestic Harmony Foundation was one of the co-sponsors of this event. Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer and Vagina Monologues writer Eve Ensler spoke about establishing strict laws for the perpetrators of family violence and gun control. Times Square lit up with purple lights in commemoration of domestic violence awareness month! — at Times Square.

KJRecently Dr. Kushalata Jayakar gave an astounding statement on Chaya Babu’s case, which turned out to be an essential element in the success of the case. Dr.Kushalata Jayakar , a founding member of Domestic Harmony Foundation (DHF) has a long experience in dealing with issues of domestic violence. She has taught and trained scores of Psychiatry at SUNY DMC. In May 2013, Dr. Ahmad was awarded the “Inspiration and Humanitarian” award by South Asian American Women’s Alliance.