2012 Events



Saturday, March 10, 2:00pm
Violence against women is a major public health problem. Domestic Harmony Foundation held a workshop on Family, Health & Safety on Saturday March 10th, in the Westbury public library. Among the issues discussed were how domestic violence affects members of the family, how to seek help, case examples, and legal remedies pertaining to families.



On 20th of March 2012, two prominent Long Island volunteer organizations, National Council of Jewish Women Peninsula Section (NCJWP) and Domestic Harmony Foundation (DHF) teamed up for an afternoon of discourse and collaboration, to better understand the lives of American Muslim Women. The program, “Muslim Women: Many Faces, Many Voices” featured five Muslim Women from the Domestic Harmony Foundation (DHF), Westbury, New York, who shared their experiences and knowledge about the role of Women in Islam and how cultural interpretations sometimes overtake the teachings of the faith.